Women and Equalities Committee (WESC) Inquiry on the Gender Recognition Act

On the 28th October, the WESC launched an inquiry into the Government’s proposed reforms to the Gender Recognition Act (GRA). They’re asking “whether the Government’s proposed changes are the right ones and whether they go far enough”.

Following years of debate as to if and how the GRA should be amended for the betterment of trans equality, the Government has ultimately decided to do very little. Gendered Intelligence would therefore argue that no, the proposed changes do not go far enough.

We know that trans people and our allies are worn down at the moment, following a series of seemingly endless consultations and inquiries. But we also know that this is a key opportunity to hold the Government to account for its failure to robustly respond to what was being asked of it, and indeed of failing to respond to the WESC’s earlier recommendations.

Gendered Intelligence will be responding as an organisation, and whilst we would encourage anyone to respond should they wish to, we fully understand that this may not be the most pressing issue on your agenda. If you do wish to respond, please find some guidance below.

Download our quick guidance on responding here:Download

It’s a good idea to read the Committee’s call for evidence instructions here, as well as guidance on writing to a committee here.

LINK: You have until 27th November to respond.