Three options for you to choose from for our 2.30-3.30pm slots!

If you can’t make up your mind – We’ve also got ShayShay’s Pride Quiz happening right here on the live stream so you don’t need to go anywhere this afternoon, we’re bringing you fun and entertainment, plus a mixtape from DJ Xzan from GalPals.

Workshop 1: Chilling out with GI young people on Zoom (Base)

YOU CANNOT CHOOSE THIS OPTION – this is only for our trans youth work users. If you believe you should be in here but haven’t got the details, email

We’ve got a cosy and cute trans youth space with our experienced trans youth workers for chilling and having some quiet time.

Workshop 2: Trans solidarity in prisons with Chryssy Hunter (trans only)

“Chryssy Hunter is the current chair of trustees for GI, and she works in the charity sector on LGBTQ+ issues.  She is a member of the Bent Bars Collective who organise a pen pal project for LGBTQI+ people inside and outside prison.  The Bent Bars project also advocate on prison issues, in particular in relation to the varying special issues affecting LGBTQI+ people in prison. She has a strong commitment to community, equality and maximising happiness. She tweets from @ChryssyH

Workshop 3: GIANTS – inclusive healthcare, sports, education (for everyone)

Gendered Intelligence’s Activists Network of Trans Spokespersons (GIANTS) is a new volunteering opportunity open to trans, non-binary and gender diverse people over the age of 18. It’s a way to involve members of our communities in the work we do to improve the lives of trans and gender diverse people. Self organised training and facilitation on the issues they are passionate about.

Workshop 4: Zine-making with Soof (YP only)

Soofiya is a visual artist and design educator. Their work explores ideas around race, gender and bodies through a DIY and therapeutically informed approach. They are a prolific zine maker having made zines about everything from trauma, joy, gender to sandwiches, nail art and ice cream!

All young people are welcome to the zine workshop, please bring a pen, A4 paper and pair of scissors as well as any arts and crafts supplies you may havet. The more the better, so you can make a really jazzy zine. But you can easily take part with just a pen and sheet A4 paper, or you’re welcome to come along to the workshop and to watch and soak up the creative space/atmosphere, whatever feels right for you.